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Big Businesses & Additional Servicese

In additional to transactional based outsourced functions, we offer the following Additional & Customized Services that help with wealth creation and protection against risk

Services include:

Internal Audit:

Ensuring reliability of your company’s financial reporting and its compliance with rules and regulations.

Due Diligence:

A financial health check for your company or a planned investment, checking and validating financial statements, assets (tangible and intangible) and relations with clients and suppliers, as well as any issues that may affect a company’s performance and reputation.


Accounting Policies and Procedures:

Customized policies and procedures to increase the efficiency, compliance and quality of your accounting functions.

Tax Consulting:

Avoid penalties and identify potential tax benefits by making sure that your accounting procedures are in line with the latest tax codes.

Closing and Liquidation:

Closing of company records, liquidation reports and acquiring government clearance.