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Start -up Businesses

We offer a full range of accounting and tax services tailored to meet the needs of Start – up Businesse. Our bundled services package covers all the bases that give you a clear picture of your company’s performance.

Set up:

Set up your accounting system and design the ‘chart of accounts’ that is suitable for your business.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Service:

We enter all transactions into accounting system – sales invoice, vendor bills, customer payments, vendor payments, expenses, payroll and keep track of assets, documentation and filing

Tax Services:

Under tax services, we cover the both Sales Tax and Income Tax – Tax Consulting, Tax filing and register company in sales tax departmen, Prepare, fill and audit the GST report at the end of each GST period, Prepare and submit the annual income statement to income tax department, With Holding Income Tax & Employee income tax.

Payroll administration:

We Prepare salary sheet at end of each month, Calculation the deduction of employee`s social security and income tax , Ensure the deduction of employee’s advance payments & Prepare the bank transfer of salarie.

Social security service:

We Register company in social security department, Register entries & cancellation of employees in the social security department Assure paying the social security deductions at end of each month, Answering any questions related to social security

Reconciliation Services:

Under reconciliation services, we cover weekly and monthly bank reconciliation, accounts receivable & accounts payable reconciliation

Reports: (choose between basic and premium reports)

We do not simply process reports, we offer added value through communication and collaboration to analyze and help our

The first two years of Start-up Busniesses operation is crucial!

” We work with clients who are looking to either start their own business, or need to grow their own business. We can help review the existing business or help the client with projections and cash-flows for new businesses, help them with marketing options, software solutions and, if required, continue to help the client on an ongoing basis. We aim to help these clients to establish a solid base early in their journey, and work with the clients each step of the way. The first two years of operation is crucial and we wish that they can turn their business idea into a reality. “